Q2 2020 W&T Offshore Inc Earnings Call

6/8/2020 12:00

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W&T Offshore Inc Conference call will be held on 06/08/2020. During the earnings conference call's session W&T Offshore Inc will provide updated information and financial status.
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W&T Offshore, Inc. is an independent oil and natural gas producer, active in the exploration, development and acquisition of oil and natural gas properties in the Gulf of Mexico. In October 2015, we disposed of substantially all of our onshore oil and natural gas interests with the sale of our Yellow Rose field in the Permian Basin. We retained an overriding royalty interest in the Yellow Rose field production. W&T Offshore, Inc. is a Texas corporation originally organized as a Nevada corporation in 1988, and successor by merger to W&T Oil Properties, Inc., a Louisiana corporation organized in 1983. Our interest in fields, leases, structures and equipment are primarily owned by the parent company, W&T Offshore, Inc. and our wholly-owned subsidiary, W & T Energy VI, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.    
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W&T Offshore Inc (WTI)

Nine Greenway Plaza, Houston Texas 77406, United States