Q2 2019 Superconductor Technologies Inc Earnings Call

13/8/2019 8:00

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Superconductor Technologies Inc Conference call will be held on 13/08/2019. During the earnings conference call's session Superconductor Technologies Inc will provide updated information and financial status.
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We are a leading company in developing and commercializing high temperature superconductor ("HTS") materials and related technologies. Superconductivity is the unique ability to conduct electricity with little or no resistance when cooled to "critical" temperatures. HTS materials are a family of elements that demonstrate superconducting properties at temperatures significantly warmer than previous superconducting materials. Electric currents that flow through conventional conductors encounter resistance that requires power to overcome and generates heat. HTS materials can substantially improve the performance characteristics of electrical systems, reduce power loss, and lowering heat generation providing extremely high current carrying density and zero resistance to direct current. We were established in 1987 shortly after the discovery of HTS materials. Our stated objective was to develop products based on these materials for the commercial marketplace.    
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Superconductor Technologies Inc (SCON)

9101 Wall Street, Austin Texas 78754, United States