Q2 2020 Salarius Pharmaceuticals Inc Earnings Call

12/8/2020 16:30

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Salarius Pharmaceuticals Inc Conference call will be held on 12/08/2020. During the earnings conference call's session Salarius Pharmaceuticals Inc will provide updated information and financial status.
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We are a biotechnology company that is developing innovative and proprietary treatments for nocturnal leg cramps, muscle cramps and spasms associated with severe neuromuscular conditions, and exercise-associated muscle cramps. Our product candidates are based on the potential mechanism of action we describe as Chemical Neuro Stimulation, which is the process by which a small molecule chemical signal, acting topically, induces a neuronal sensory signal that produces a beneficial effect. Our product candidates activate certain receptors in primary sensory neurons, which then act via neuronal circuits to reduce the repetitive firing, or hyperexcitability, of alpha-motor neurons in the spinal cord, thereby preventing or reducing the frequency and intensity of muscle cramps and spasms. We believe that we are the only company developing both drug and consumer products based on this mechanism of muscle cramp inhibition.    
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Salarius Pharmaceuticals Inc (FLKS)

Prudential Tower, Boston Massachusetts 02199, United States